Sunday, 5 July 2009

New Music Plea: Falling and Laughing needs you

Last.Fm is a great listening aggregator which charts your listening habits by 'scrobbling' tracks from a desired media player (it's a breeze with plug-ins for Spotify and Windows Media Player).

However, this week's artist chart from Falling and Laughing HQ scared us a tad. Two of the F&L Top 10 disbanded in the '80s, while only four albums from 2009 made it into our Top 20 listening. You could summarise some of the scrobbled artists as: best before, old-timer, Mojo magazine, senile or now working for the Co-Op.

F&L Top 20 artist chart: 28th June - 5th July

1 Mos Def 35
2 Bob Dylan 31
3 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band 26
4 Death Cab for Cutie 24
5 Orange Juice 23
6 Josef K 22
7 Jack Peñate 19
7 The Knife 19
9 David Bowie 18
10 Beyoncé 16
11 Steely Dan 15
12 The Low Anthem 13
12 Paul Weller 13
14 Roxy Music 12
14 Brian Eno 12
14 Metro Area 12
17 Brand New 11
18 Friendly Fires 10
19 Fever Ray 8
19 Kraftwerk 8

Where is the new breed? Why aren't we scrobbling more new acts?

If you're a brave new artist we want to hear from you. You can send your track to Falling and Laughing through Soundcloud, Last.Fm, or link via email. Have you shot an interesting video? Have you made a super-new version of a track you love? Hit send.

If you're trading in CD or vinyl, ask for a postal address. We can't reply to every submission but every track gets heard, and if we like it, we'll let you know.

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