Wednesday, 3 June 2009

F&L Exclusive: Super Fresh Power Squad get down(load) & dirty with Copycat

Exciting times! The very first F&L MP3 exclusive has arrived!

Super Fresh Power Squad are five shit-hot looking lads from Manchester. They accessorise with more bling than the whole of South London and their Adidas get-up is pristine and box fresh.

They arrived to indie kid bemusement last year with a pumped up, full-on live show and gaggles of glitter-eyed groupies. Bopping along to the vocoder rinsing 'Sexy Robot', the Miami sunset, cyber sleaze of 'Electric Lovin', the boys broke down traditional artist/audience etiquette with cheeky grins and tongue in cheek stage patter.

We'll hand over to band sound shaper and body mover Deadly D for the low-down on exclusive download Copycat:

"Myself, BPG and Zero started writing Copycat back in December. I got through about 76 versions before finally deciding on it's current format. I haven't even told the other guys that it's finished yet: the first time they will hear it will be downloading it at F&L. Come and see us live to witness the full force of Super Fresh."

Conveniently, the boys are performing a FREE showcase in London at 93 Feet East this Friday, June 5th, stage time 10.30pm.

Download Copycat (Divshare)

Look out for the 'Fresh at selected summer festivals as they knuckle down and finish their debut album. Check progress on their MySpace page.

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