Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Video: Wild Beasts unveil Hooting & Howling

Alright. We admit it. It took us a while to warm to Wild Beasts' odd-ball Cumbrian alt.rock, but we're sure glad we stuck with 'em.

Their debut album Limbo Panto fused a curious mix of post-punk, nature boy folk and jumpy rock and the foursome, backed by their encouraging paymasters Domino, look set to enjoy the rewards of a slow build and time to develop their potentially genre-defining songs.

'Hooting & Howling' (20th July) is the first track from their forthcoming second album, Two Dancers (3rd August) and is an intriguing return. We love the way the songs stark, chamber hall intro falls way to a classic guitar hook and delicate percussion. The minimal template smacks of a new found songwriting confidence and the background groove proves there's a handy rhythm section lurking behind the vocal and guitar bluster.

The 'Beasts play various UK summer festivals, and head out on a short tour at the beginning of October. Dates on Myspace.

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