Tuesday, 12 May 2009

"Jesus, £1?" The Charlatans get credit crunched

Whilst perusing the racks at Fopp HMV we came across this forlorn package retailing at £1. Live at Last is a visual document of The Charlatans' Brixton Academy show in 2004

£1 for a DVD?
After lengthy google-ing research we found HMV 85p cheaper than the miserly Play.com.

The sales blurb from Play is wonderful garbage:

"This may be their first ever full length live DVD, but there can barely be a rock fan in the country that hasn't, at one time or another, experienced the pulsating power of the Charlatans in performance. A band for the big occasion, this DVD captures the band at Brixton Academy ; and as ever Tim Burgess leads the band in another monster rock groove that has become their trademark."

Poor Tim Burgess. We hope you actually sell your next album for real money (not give it away on the XFM website) so you can get to the barbers, mate.

The Charlatans at their mid-90s indie heyday:

How good is Melting Pot?

P.S. We wouldn't usually publish such awful photography but we had a bearded shop assistant chasing us around the premises so had to snap on the move.

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