Saturday, 30 May 2009

The Killers play for Jonathan Ross: World swoons

And the Best living Pop Rock band award for 2009 goes to:


Last night Vegas wideboys The Killers performed for Jonathan Ross, a suit wearing man whose 'comedic value' recedes with each flick of his mop. Kudos to Wossy's team for pulling in Brandon & Co to replace the AWOL Katie Price: playing four songs in front of a whooping BBC crew audience.

If you're stuck for something to do before Britain's Got Talent's finale it's worth I-Playering: only if you're willing to sit through Jon's inane chat with three Irish vicar blokes who scored a record deal and Joanna 'can I run the whole country?' Lumley.

Thank the lord for YouTube!

Now follows a snazzy video log we learned during 3 years hard graft obtaining a 2:1 in Media Studies:

0.00-3.10 = 'Human': peachy.

2.54-3.02 = Drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr (yes, Vannucci) does his best 'sex face'

3.23-7.10 = A new song we're not particularly fond of.

7.10-finish = 'Mr Brightside': the best 'indie-rock'n'roll' tune ever written.

As an extra treat here's some 'footage' of the bands performance of 'When You Were Young'. It's a wonderful insight into the anonymous director's worrying case of shakes and the absence of a volume button on his Goodmans.

What a gem.

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