Wednesday, 8 April 2009

New In: Datarock go retro with Give It Up

Norwegian duo Datarock are back with new track 'Give It Up', ahead of their second album, Red.

It's four years since their debut Datarock achieved press buzz and highly acclaimed gigs across the world. While Norway's renaissance as a musical trendsetter gathers pace (read our feature here and here) founding members Fredrik Saroea and Ketil Mosnes worked diligently on new material.

The first result is the 80s indebted Give It Up; topped up by scratchy guitars, tight percussion and measured vocals. It's three minutes flash by and the strong hooks that characterised their debut album aren't immediately apparent. A remix or two may temper that; Weird Tapes' brash, Balearic remix is fun while Kissy Sellout's electro re-bash seems destined for a dance floor near you.

Download 'Give It Up' (Weird Tapes remix)

Download 'Give It Up' (Kissy Sellout remix)

Follow Datarock's live dates on their MySpace, and you can buy Give It Up now from Amazon and ITunes (US).

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