Thursday, 2 April 2009

New In: The Nightjars release debut album

Hard working, intelligent and unshakably their own men, The Nightjars have adopted a steady approach since emerging in Manchester four years ago.

Now a three piece, they've assembled a debut album with the experience of their Towards Light mini-album, which was one of the strongest North West records released in 2007. The world may have since gone nuts over The Ting Tings, but bands of The Nightjars' ilk remain unconcerned with fashion's empty vogue. Music comes first.

If Towards Light had an angry streak steaming through its 7 tracks, The Nightjars is it's wiser, more relaxed brother. Take the dreamy acoustic track 'Valentine'; a classic melody weaves around dual vocals from Ollie Wright (bass) and Phil Arnold (guitar) and we're transported to a hazy summer day in Chorlton Park.

There is plenty to be had in The Nightjars. 'Logic Has No Part In It' reveals throbbing rhythms and impressive instrumentation, 'We Fall' is a gorgeous, striped-back cry for help and the upbeat 'Machines Down' mixes Sonic Youth guitar fuzz with frazzled vocal shouts and more superb band interplay.

Streaming below is 'You In A Fine Light' the fine opener to The Nightjars. Reminiscent of Wilco's full on rock moments circa Kicking Television, it's The Nightjars going at full pelt.

You can now order the CD album for a very reasonable £6 here, from the band's own Nightjars record label (digital download scheduled for 27th April).

They launch the album at Chorlton Irish Club tomorrow, Friday 3rd April. They also play at Cafe Saki in Manchester on May 9th, keep an eye out for new dates over on the band's MySpace page.

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