Thursday, 16 April 2009

New In: Dirty Projectors Go Pop?

With fellow Domino Records companions Animal Collective scratching mainstream pop/rock culture, Dirty Projectors have been tipped to follow with a new, R&B influenced album. Bitte Orca is released in June, with lead single 'Stillness Is The Move' due on 18th May in the UK.

Now settled as a four piece, DP are led by the supremely talented Dave Longstreth, who made lo-fi indie records before developing highly sophisticated, almost avant-garde songwriting tricks. Us at F&L were first introduced in 2007 via Rise Above; a startling re-imagining of Black Flag's album of the same name. Longstreth's reputation as an iron-fisted dictator follow his name around the web (Ezra of Vampire Weekend was brief member) but the line-up now seems dead set.

In short, Stillness... is a revelation. Light, bright and compact, it's DP at their most accessible and yes, pop. Message board snipers have already starting whispering "sell-outs!" but we love the move into female led vocals and clean production.

Download 'Stillness Is The Move'

Bitte Orca
is pre-reviewed here by the reliable Stereogum chaps. Dirty Projectors tour North America in May and June, dates on MySpace.

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  1. rise above was a re-imagining of the album "damaged", just saying