Saturday, 28 March 2009

Intro: Lost Knives hit the mark

Very new, unsigned noise rockers Lost Knives live in Manchester. They emerged just a month ago with three songs on their MySpace page.

They've yet to even play a gig yet, and lose their gigging virginity on 30th March with Broken Records at the Ruby Lounge, Manchester.

The three songs currently online - recorded in demo form earlier this year in Liverpool - brim with musical verve and have been praised by the resident bloggers at Hype Machine as well as receiving a play on influential American radio station KCRW.

The most intriguing track of the three, 'Out Of Touch', may require a few listens, but there's well executed ideas and blooded spirit running through its young veins. We hear hints of Bloc Party, early Cooper Temple Clause in the gruff vocals and heavy guitar work, and the electronic back beat hints at future dance floor aspirations.

You can hear 'Solstice' and 'Cold Morning' here. The band perform the following Manchester shows in April and May:

18 Apr - Ruby Lounge w/ Whitest Boy Alive + The Answering Machine
3 May - Sounds from the Other City Festival, Salford w/ Plugs
15 May - Roadhouse w / Violens & May 68

Download 'Out Of Touch'

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