Friday, 13 March 2009

Welcome back: Jack Penate, The Maccabees

Continuing on yesterdays returning Doves, we’ve been intrigued by new material from Jack Penate and The Maccabees.

Both rode with much hype in 2007 armed with debut albums and significant press buzz. Penate in particular found it hard to live up to the brightness of his early singles across a full album, while the Maccabees looked tired and uninspired when we caught them live in Manchester last April.

Penate’s ‘Tonight’s Today’ is a surprising defection to preppy drum beats, loose vocals and sun kissed, reverb heavy guitars – a million miles away from the overstated indie styling of his debut. It would be quite easy to dismiss this as jumping on a TV On The Radio/insert new Brooklyn band name *here* bandwagon, but maybe Penate will turn into the true pop star he was being trumpeted as two years ago.

Tonight’s Today
is released on 30 March through XL. Expect a new album from Mr Penate dropping in time for summer festivals.

The Maccabees current free download ‘No Kind Words’ is a propulsive, dramatic track which finds them edging towards an Interpol vibe they waxed lyrical about during early interviews. The video below features that bloke who’s on the telly quite a lot these days (Matt Horne), and the band are on tour from next week. They've just announced that new album Wall Of Arms will be released on 4th May through Fiction.

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