Friday, 20 March 2009

On Screen: Wilco prep Ashes of American Flags DVD

This year marks the fifteen year anniversary of Chicago troubadours Wilco's formation. Currently recording their seventh studio album, they next month release their Ashes of America Flags tour DVD as part of the international Record Store Day.

A welcome celebration of the humble independent record store in these digitally force-fed times, the UK arm of Record Store Day will offer exclusive releases from Graham Coxon, Sonic Youth and Tom Waits.

Wilco's first live concert film (frontman Jeff Tweedy released a solo live DVD in 2006) was filmed across gigs in Washington, New Orleans, Tulsa, Nashville and Mobile and features 13 songs from all corners of their enviable back catalogue. If the film is anyway near as good as 2002's I Am Trying To Break Your Heart documentary, then we're in for a real treat.

Recently the band joined forces with everyone's favourite new band, Fleet Foxes, to perform a cover of Bob Dylan's 'I Shall Be Released' as part of their support to Barack Obama's successful presidential campaign.

Download 'I Shall Be Released' - Fleet Foxes and Wilco

Ashes of America Flags is released on 18th April through Nonesuch.


  1. Cheers for that download! I have put aside my hatred of bands affiliating themselves with politicians purely because of this song.

    Also, fifteen years??!!!

  2. Yep, fifteen - crazy eh?

    You seeing Dylan on his upcoming tour Meg?