Saturday, 28 March 2009

Video: Wavves drown in sound

Mullet haired San Diego resident Nathan Williams is Wavves, described by his PR team as an author of 'slack beach punk anthems'.

The ever reliable Pitchfork TV filmed a show last month in New York, and although we find Williams' onstage persona a little irritating, there's much to admire in his primitive musical template.

Augmented by a live drummer, Wavves rip through songs at an alarming speed, 'California Goth' seeing Williams declare 'I am a perfect person / I am a catch' over wired guitar chords and scatter shot drums.

Elsewhere, debut UK single 'So Bored' (released on Young Turks at the beginning of March) is a thrilling punk take on The Beach Boys' surfboard pop.

Wavves are currently touring North America, with new UK dates promised this summer (most probably festival appearances). An album is also in the pipeline, though dates have yet to be confirmed.


  1. he played another show at market hotel last night and there was a lot more energy. he's getting better, give the kid time, he's been playing live sets for what, less than a year probably?

  2. Not seen Wavves yet, but very intrigued.

    When he's next in North England, I'm there. A friend of mine said his live shows were extremely loud? They right?

  3. he's been playing live sets for a long ass time now. does no one know that he used to be in fantastic magic? he should know how to play halfway decent live, which he can't.