Wednesday, 18 March 2009

New In: thecocknbullkid - I'm Not Sorry

With the blogsphere going ruddy crazy for nauseatingly hyped electro femmes Little Boots and La Roux, its worth looking outside the box for 23 year old Londoner Anita Blay.

With Metronomy main man Joseph Mount on production duties, thecocknbullkid has made tentative strides since emerging last July with debut 7" 'On My Own' through Mount's Need Now Future Records.

Dismissing of 'aspirational pop music', (hands up, Lady Ga Ga) Blay aims to strike with an honest, warts n all approach to songwriting. She's name checked Morrissey and early Madonna as big influences, while describing herself in interviews as an "anti-popstar" when shuffled next to chart bothering ladies Girls Aloud and The Saturdays.

Her new single, 'I'm Not Sorry' ticks all the boxes for sassy modern pop; grinding bass and synth stabs shimmy up against Mount's poppy percussion, while the vocals remind us of pop IT girl Lily Allen. With Mount at the helm for the recording of her debut album (due out in the Autumn) Blay has a good chance of becoming the alt-pop star it'll be OK to like this time next year.

Fix your eyes down to watch I'm Not Sorry's promo video and hear the Stuart Ramsey remix...

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